Experience Matters!
After 30+ years producing some of the biggest and best running events in the bay area,
we've seen and lived through it all. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Congratulations Dave Rhody on crossing the Finish Line!
Your determination, creativity, and vision made you a great leader, but your integrity, respect, and compassion makes you a great person!

What does this mean for RhodyCo?
Over the last 33 years RhodyCo has produced nearly 500 events, dedicated to the quality and success of each and every one of them. As Dave Rhody, Founder and President of RhodyCo Productions transitions toward a writing career, the RhodyCo Team is transitioning too. Kathy Henning and Nancy Nobriga will continue to apply their combined knowledge, skills and experience focusing on Event Consultation and Development, Convention/Private Event Services and Sponsorship/Brand Activation. Dave Rhody will continue to play a supportive role, in the background, at their side, or in whatever position his teammates request.
RhodyCo Productions



email: kathy@rhodyco.com

In 1984 Kathy worked part-time with Dave Rhody to form RhodyCo Productions. In 1985, she came on full-time and has been instrumental in every component of RhodyCo Productions from development, staffing, office management, budgeting, advertising and event production. Together with Dave Rhody and a dedicated staff RhodyCo has produced some of the most beloved races in the San Francisco bay area such as Across The Bay 12K (originally Houlihan’s to Houlihan’s), Run To The Far Side®, Bridge to Bridge, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon® & 5K, Devil Mountain Run, Eden Medical Center’s Run To The Lake, to name a few.


email: nancy@rhodyco.com

Nancy joined RhodyCo Productions in 1989 as Registration Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Her passion for logistics and attention to detail quickly led to her role as Operations Director. Over the years she has successfully ushered hundreds of events through permit procedures with various local, state and federal authorities and provided comprehensive logistics coordination with event stakeholders, vendors, service providers and sponsors. In addition to operations, Nancy also manages the website and email marketing campaigns.