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BodySpeed I

Features coverage of the 1992 ‘Houlihan’s to Houlihan’s 12K’ (later known as ‘Across the Bay 12K’) across the Golden Gate Bridge, followed by coverage of the all women’s ‘Bonnie Bell 5K & 10K’ in Golden Gate Park.

Hosts: radio celebrities Kevin the Rat and Leslie Stoval.

Top competitors: Colombian Olympians Miguel and Domingo Tibaduiza, U.S. Olympian Linda Somers-Smith and World Record holder Shirley Matson. 

BodySpeed III

U.S. Running legends Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers go head-to-head as Masters competitors in the 1992 ‘Alamo Alumni Run’ in Golden Gate Park. Dave Rhody interviews Rodgers and Shorter as well as cross-country great Pat Porter , U.S. Olympian Nancy Ditz and elite runner Ceci St. Geme. Includes coverage of a criterium bike race from Nevada City, CA.

BodySpeed IV

Features coverage of the 1992 Software Publishing Biathlon in San Jose, CA, and the California Academy of Sciences’ Run to the Far Side® VIII.

Hosts: 49er great Keena Turner and radio sportscaster Kevin Radich (aka ‘Kevin The Rat’).

Top competitors include Mike Scannell, Laurie Samuelson, Laurie Binder, Darcy Arreola, Steve Ferraz and Honor Fetherston.

Great Far Side® costumes and Gary Larson’s specially designed t-shirt.

Dave Rhody / Mike Shumann Interview

1990 ‘One on One’ show with former 49er and current TV sportscaster Mike Shumann. Rhody promotes the 1991 New Year’s Eve San Francisco First Run, and talks about running and racing.

BodySpeed V

Features coverage of the 1993 'Home Depot San Francisco Half Marathon® & 5K', Pamakid Runners' iconic half (which RhodyCo produced for 25 years) now known as the 'Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon® .

Host: Dave Rhody, with U.S. Olympian Jeff Galloway.

Top competitors: Sister Marion Irvine (aka 'The Running Nun'), Laurie Binder, Sal Vasquez, Bob Cooper, Valerie Hoesing, Betsy Swan, Brian Cann, Linda Janelli and more.     

BodySpeed VI

features coverage of the 10th Annual ‘Houlihan’s to Houlihan’s 12K’ (‘Across the Bay 12K’) in 1993. Host: Kevin the Rat interviews 10-year veterans like Houlihan’s Manager Pete Sittnick, as well as top elites, Danny Aldridge, Mike Stone, Rosa Gutierrez, Shirley Matson, Irish Olympian Christine Kennedy, Terry Schmidt, Brad Hawthorne and Brian Moody

Hands Across the Golden Gate

KFOG’s summary of Bay Area media coverage of the May 24th, 1986 event with 2,000 people linked hand-in-hand across the Golden Gate Bridge, the day prior to ‘Hands Across America,’ includes KFOG legends Tony Salvadore, Trish Robbins and Scoop Nisker.

Dave Rhody ‘Addicted Runner’ Interview

After the sudden, tragic death of running guru Jim Fixx in 1984, Dave Rhody, who just ran from L.A. to S.F. is interviewed about being an 'addicted runner' on the SF Bay Area's  'People Are Talking' show with Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan on KPIX (CBS).